All About Me

Born in Germany,  Simone came to Canada in 2003 on a student exchange work permit (after completing her university degree in Business Economics) to spend one summer working in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

She fell in love with the Canadian Rockies, it's beautiful scenery and wonderful wildlife. Her first job in Canada was working at Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park with its breathtaking views of Spirit Island - a famous Icon in the Canadian Rockies.

Having a small point and shoot camera and a big passion for nature she started snapping photos, exploring the area and learning learning about Canadian Wildlife. 

Years passed and Jasper, Canada, became her home and the small point and shoot turned into a digital SLR Camera. Simone spends her free time out in nature, looking for animals and photographing them in their natural habitat. All photos are taken in the wild. Being a Wildlife Photographer takes a lot of patience to capture this perfect spot, the bonding with the animal and trying to bring out each animals character. It's very fascinating. Watching and photographing bears are one of her favorites. 

If not taking photographs, Simone enjoys hiking and backpacking, mountain biking and skiing - spending time with friends, family and her favorite furry friend, Golden Retriever Jayka.

All photographs are available for sale through this website or you can contact Simone at


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